And My Front Tire Busted – Story of My Lagos Hustle

You might be wondering why I am telling this kind of story – it is not to discredit anyone especially my customer but to learn from my mistake. On STANLEY FM, I tell stories with lessons.

Sometime in the month of February, Mr. Somebody called me (Name withheld) He told me that they need to rent projector and screen for two days presentation. I asked him for location and he mentioned the location but because I don’t know the place, he told me it is along Lagos – Ibadan expressway. On the other hand, if he told me Ibadan or close to Ibadan, I will charge him much for delivery.


We agreed on a price for projector and screen plus the delivery fee. And on March 8th, 2021, I sent him an invoice. We continued the conversation on phone/WhatsApp and on March 12th, he sent me part payment. Our earlier agreement was to deliver on that day which is 24th March (yesterday) but I later thought of delivering it a day before because we cannot predict traffic on Lagos roads. So we agreed that I will be delivering it on 23rd March.

Journey Started

On 23rd March, I left office around 3.00pm with hope that in an hour or two, I will get there. I drive through Ikorodu road and connected 3rd mainland bridge through Apapa – Oshodi Express way and before you know it, I am already at Berger. I stopped at World Oil and I sighted on signboard, I saw Saapade on it and I was rejoicing that I am already there. I dialed Mr. Somebody’s phone number and told him that I am at World Oil. He told me to continue coming down, it is after Redeemed Christian Church of God Camp. I continued the journey – when I got to Christopher University, I called again and he told me I am getting closer. I asked him if I will get to Shagamu, he said yes but I should follow under the bridge. Ha God, what type of wahala (Problem) is this? The thought of turning back came to my mind and the other one told me it might be closer than you think.

By this time, my fuel gauge started showing red. I had only N1,000 and my ATM card. So any fuel station I will buy fuel from, it is either I use my ATM or I buy N1,000 fuel. I drove down after Sagamu Bridge and unfortunately I met a huge traffic. Behold, there was an accident involving a Tanker and a trailer – that caused the traffic. I passed that traffic and still drive down – I was very happy when I saw the toll gate, because he told me after the toll gate, the next overhead bridge is the place. So when I get to Ogere bridge, I thought am there but to no avail.

Behold, the main toll gate is still ahead and another overhead bridge is also ahead. To cut the long story short, I got to the toll gate and now I am looking forward to the second overhead bridge. After that I saw a Filling Station and drove inside and luckily for me, they have POS, so instead of buying N1,000 fuel which is the only cash left with me, I used ATM Card to buy N3,000 fuel. And finally, I drive to the second overhead bridge and saw Mr. Somebody who led me to the hall and I drop the projector there and turned back.

As I turned back, I was happy that I made it. By then, I was thinking how I am going to pass through that heavy traffic I met when I was going. When I was going, I drove into pot holes because some part of the roads is bad. So as I was coming back just after the toll gate – beside Trailer Park – my front tire busted Oh My God! What do I do here, I asked myself. There is nothing I can do here – my head is more precious than this car.

I took the projector out (I normally took 2 projectors when I going to setup in case one malfunctioned, I will fall back to the backup) I wind the glasses and lock the door. I wave down Okada and tell him am going to Lagos. Remember I had ONLY N1,000 left in my pocket, He said is N200 to where I can get Lagos motor. He drove small and pick another person, before we get to Shagamu, we are 3 passengers plus the Okada man OMG. So I am left with N800.  As of the time the tire busted, my phone is already off, I can no longer call my wife or the people I dropped the projector with.

Journey Back

So from Sagamu, we get another car that took us to Mowe – N200 and from Mowe we got another car going to Iyana Oworo N300 and I am left with N300. Haaa God of miracle is my God. The car stopped close to Ojota and I cross to the other side. I wanted to get money from POS but the network was down. I got bus from Ojota to Ojuelegba N300 and when I get to Ojuelegba, I look for ATM and withdraw money and got home by 11pm – Alleluia.

Yesterday, 24th March 2021, I went back to pick the car. When I told the Okada that took me from where the tire busted, he asked me if I removed the battery and put it in the boot, I just said yes even though my concern then was to leave there immediately. So when I get back, everything was as I left it. I was actually driving with spare tire and the main tire was not filled. So I have to remove it from the boot and took it toll gate, buy another tire and fix, move it with Okada to the car. I jacked it myself, remove the busted tire, fixed the new one and drive off by 1.30pm and by 4pm I was back to the office.

Dream Car

Dream Car
If you are praying, direct your prayer to my dream car. With this, I will be empowered to do more on Lagos Hustle.

Oh my God, thank you for this day. I learn today to always ask questions – I should not assume that I know it. Procrastination is not good – I have been driving with spare tire for over one month. Although even if my spare tire is there, I would still do the same because of time when and where it happened.

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