St. Valentine and the Seven Ingredients of Love

For those of us who know how to cook, we know that every better soup was made by correct and sufficient ingredients. Although I was a good cook from childhood, I lost touch with constant cooking as I did in the 90s, especially having lived with my younger ones before marriage. I wanted to surprise my wife one Christmas day and chose to make the stew. With over confidence in me, just a little more quantity of salt robbed me the glory of top chef. The second occasion was when my wife traveled and I chose to make the portage, I did my best but noticed the children didn’t eat much, I felt may be they were missing their mum not until as soon as she came in. They didn’t even allow her to put down her bag when one of them echoed; “Mummy, Daddy cooked white portage today!”. It was then I realized that a little more quantity of oil would have done the magic. Love is sweet when correct ingredients are applied. So we need the garnishing with correct ingredients such as:

1. Understand him or her

Love can bring two people together but understanding helps to keep them. I have seen couples who loved each other but couldn’t live together because of misunderstanding.

2. Tolerate his or her imperfections.

We must realize that marriage is a union of two imperfect persons. As such we must work harder to tolerate the weaknesses of each other.

3. Maintain the flow of Communication.

It is important to know that communication is the life wire of every marriage. Once there is communication gap ,the flow of love will have a crack. Such words as; ” I love you, thank you. I am sorry ,how are you” does a lot to lubricate love in marriage. It is also important to communicate wounds, hurts and ill feelings towards each other. It heals faster.

4. Appreciate and Celebrate your partner

You don’t need a billion Naira to celebrate your husband or wife. You just need to show you are grateful and that he or she is important. On such days as today, birthdays, marriage anniversaries, etc, spare just a little time to appreciate and celebrate your love partner.

5. Faithfulness to your partner.

Faithfulness is a binding cord that makes partners see each other as one. Faithfulness in sexual relationship, money matters, business relationship, and so on. Your faithfulness is your commitment to your partner.

6. Trust your Partner

When marriage is built on suspicion, when the foundation is on pointing accusing fingers, etc such marriage never lasts.

7. Take Responsibility and make sacrifices

You have to take responsibility for your marriage to work. Shifting responsibilities and trading blames will only make matters worst. Marriage no doubt comes with constant challenges , the man is no doubt the bread winner and should take responsibilities. But circumstances can give the woman a financial edge over her husband. Problems shared is problems solved. The training of children is a collective responsibility
True love demand for sacrifices. God love the world that he gave … Every true love is about what to give and not what to receive. Make sacrifices and grow in love as we celebrate the feast of St Valentine.

Happy Valentine to you.

With Love from:
Jude & Judith S.C. Asogwa


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